18 profitable small business ideas in Kenya

If you have already read this post listing business ideas, below is another list (of 18 profitable small business ideas in Kenya) you can go through to be inspired, to prepare, and finally just do what you know should be done: turn your idea into a real business.

1. Keep livestock and sell them later

You can buy farm animals young, feed them, take good care of them and sell them for a decent profit when they are a few months to a few years old.

Every time you sell an animal you will use part of the money you get to buy more livestock.

This becomes your way of investing money back into your business to ensure that it keeps growing and bringing more profits home.

Another thing you can do is sell their produce – eggs if you keep chicken, or milk, manure or ghee if you keep cows. It is up to you what you do with the produce.

As long as there are people buying these things, there’s always room for you in the market if you have the courage to sell and keep selling.

2. Selling seedlings

Be the guy or lady who people come to when they need seedlings for their new plots or gardens. This is a low-capital business.

Think about what people want in flowers, vegetables and trees. Is it fruits, beauty, timber for sale, or a nice shade?

3. Love taking care of pets?

Learn. Start breeding them. Then sell your pets.

There is a huge demand for healthy breeds.

So, if you have the patience and time it takes to take care of dogs, cats, chameleons or any other pet you think you can lawfully sell to others; this might be the beginning of an idea that leads to the business your clients will be proud of.

4. Buying and selling cereals

Have some money on the side to buy cereals during seasons of plenty – harvest times?

Then buy in bulk cheap and sell later at reasonable prices that leave room for profit.

You can also decide to process the cereals and sell different types of finished products.

5. Make and sell liquid soap

6. Garage

Start a repair business that is trusted by motor vehicle owners.

7. Make and sell yoghurt

8. Start a restaurant or hotel

9. Buy and sell timber

You can plant trees and have your own forest where you harvest timber.

You can also buy from others and sell at a profit. If you are a carpenter, or can hire one to work for you, you can also get in the business of making and selling furniture with some of the timber you already have in your possession.

And for every tree that goes down, plant five – and take good care of them.

10. Make or buy and sell clothes

You can design your own clothes, sew them yourself or hire more people to help you if you start receiving more orders of your clothes.

11. Make and sell toys…

…to parents with young children for example.

12. Create branded ware

Have businesses pay you to created branded ware for them. Think t-shirts, umbrellas, pouches, blouses, caps, utensils, stationery, tents…

13. Buy and sell electronics

– kitchen appliances, phones and accessories, computers are just some examples.

14. Start a taxi business

You can use a boda boda, tuk tuk, saloon cars or station wagons.

15. Help others plan their wedding

Be paid to help others with all the things that makes a wedding great.

16. Start a typesetting…

+ design + photocopying + document scanning business.

17. Run errands…

for the businesses and individuals in your town or city.

18. Welding

Make the doors, windows, gates and other things that home owners and farmers need whenever they are building new structures, harvesting or preparing their land for the planting season.

That’s eighteen more.

You don’t necessarily have to use the business ideas in this list. Why?

Because you may not be interested in any of the businesses listed above.

One thing that happens when you go through a list like this though is that you start thinking of your own ideas.

That is what matters – picking an idea and implementing it.

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